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Celebrating Success at the Annual Open Autumn Show 2023! 🌻🍂

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

An Autumn Extravaganza to Remember! 🎉

The Horticultural Society of Preston, Elmstone, & Stourmouth proudly presents our grandest event of the year, the Annual Open Autumn Show 2023! Held on the 30th of September at the charming Preston Village Hall, this year's show was a spectacular celebration of horticultural excellence and community spirit.

🌸 A Remarkable Achievement 🌾

Under the dedicated leadership of our Chairman, Chris Anderson, this year's show marked a significant milestone. It was the largest and most impressive show we've had in recent memory. The halls were overflowing with an abundance of breathtaking blooms, magnificent fruits, and a dazzling array of vegetables.

🌟 Judges' Impressions 🌟

In the words of our judges, "We were utterly astounded by the exceptional quality of produce displayed across all categories." This speaks volumes about the commitment and passion of our members, who continue to set new standards of excellence with each passing year.

🏆 Congratulations to our Trophy Winners! 🏆

We are thrilled to congratulate our esteemed trophy winners for their outstanding achievements:

  • The D C V Pellet Challenge Cup (Flowers - Classes 1-17): Chris Anderson

  • The L Hood Memorial Cup (Fruits and Vegetables - Classes 18-48): Chris Anderson

  • The G J R Slatter Challenge Cup (Fruit - Classes 18-23): Crystal Evans

  • The Murphy Challenge Cup (Vegetables - Classes 24-48): Charles Matthews

  • The Dennis & Cooper Challenge Cup (Combined Points - Classes 1-48): Chris Anderson

  • The J Henderson Silver Challenge Cup (Cookery - Classes 49-56): Linda Rush

  • The Mabel Smith Memorial Cup (Art & Craft - Classes 57-64): Ann Broad

  • The D P Crawford Challenge Rose Bowl (Floral Art - Classes 65-66): Elizabeth Timms

  • The Geoff Wickham Silver Salver (Best in Show (this year for his potatoes!)): Chris Anderson

  • The Haseman Challenge Cup (for our Garden Safari Best Garden 2023): Crystal Evans

  • The Hubert Coleman Cup (Chairman's Challenge - 'Best Onion'): Jose Vallernes

These winners represent the cream of the crop, and we extend our warmest applause for their remarkable contributions to this year's show.

🌱 Behind the Scenes Heroes 🌼

While the spotlight shines on our participants, we must take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated committee members and volunteers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. They put in countless hours to prepare the hall, send out reminders, put up posters, create certificates, and ensure the smooth registration of participants.

Special thanks go out to Crystal Evans, whose culinary talents graced us with a delicious hot buffet at our first-ever Open Social Buffet. Your contributions have added a new dimension to our events, and we're incredibly thankful. Look at all those happy diners!

🎨 A Showcase of Talent and Passion 🖌️

The Annual Open Autumn Show is not just a competition; it's a canvas where our members paint their love for gardening, art, and culinary skills. From the vibrant floral arrangements to the mouthwatering creations in the cookery section, every entry tells a unique story of creativity and dedication. Well done all.

Join the Next Show and Share Your Passion! 🌻

To our members, we encourage you to get involved in our next show, the Spring Show 2024. Let your passion and talent shine as you compete and showcase your gardening and artistic skills. Your involvement makes our society flourish.

To the public, we extend an invitation to enter our next Autumn Show 2024. Whether you're an experienced horticulturalist or a budding enthusiast, our shows are a great platform to display your talents and connect with a community of fellow nature lovers.

A Bright Future Ahead 🌱

As we reflect on the success of the Annual Open Autumn Show 2023, we are filled with optimism for the future. The passion and talent of our members continue to flourish, making each event even more remarkable than the last.

We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events and cannot wait to witness your gardening and horticultural journeys continue to bloom and thrive.

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful Horticultural Society!

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