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Did You Know? (Interesting facts about orchids)

Orchids are unique in that they rely on a symbiotic relationship with certain species of fungi to grow. The seeds of orchids lack the necessary nutrients to germinate and grow into mature plants. Instead, they require the presence of a particular fungus to break down the seed coat and provide the nutrients and energy needed for growth.

The fungus provides the necessary sugars and minerals to the orchid seedlings, while the orchid in turn provides the fungus with carbohydrates produced through photosynthesis. This mutually beneficial relationship, known as mycorrhizal symbiosis, allows orchids to grow in environments with poor soil conditions and limited nutrients.

It's important to note that different species of orchids have unique requirements for the specific types of fungi they need to grow. This is why orchid seeds cannot simply be planted in soil or conventional growing mediums, as they will not receive the necessary nutrients and will not be able to germinate.

In summary, orchids are reliant on fungi to grow due to their unique nutritional requirements and the symbiotic relationship they have developed with certain species of fungi.

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