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Discover the Art of Mindful Foraging in Kent with Nick Robinson

Foraging for food is a timeless and rewarding practice that connects us with the bountiful gifts of nature. On the 25th of October, our garden society had the privilege of hosting the charismatic and knowledgeable Nick Robinson, who led a captivating lecture on foraging for mushrooms, medlars, and the mindful approach to this age-old tradition in Kent, UK.

Kent, with its rich tapestry of landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for foraging enthusiasts. From wooded nooks to meandering riversides, the region teems with edible treasures waiting to be uncovered. Nick's expertise guided us through this journey, highlighting the importance of mindfulness in foraging. It's not just about collecting sustenance from the land; it's a way of truly connecting with nature, understanding the delicate balance of ecosystems, and cherishing the incredible diversity of edible wonders.

Nick also introduced us to the world of unusual recipes created from foraged food. Imagine deep-fried wild carrot heads in a delicate tempura batter, sprinkled with icing sugar. Or perhaps lightly poached hogweed shoots, cooked to perfection like asparagus, and served with a generous dollop of butter. And don't forget sea kale, picked in its tender youth, and served with a delectable cheese sauce, poured as you would over steamed broccoli. These recipes offer a delightful and sustainable way to savor the unique flavors of foraged ingredients.

The lecture was a reminder that, in our busy lives, we often overlook the beauty and sustenance that nature offers so freely. The next time you take a stroll through Kent's lush landscapes, consider the possibility of foraging, but do so with a mindful heart, respecting the land, and being grateful for the nourishment it provides.

Our heartfelt thanks to Nick Robinson for sharing his wisdom and igniting our passion for the world of foraging.

For more information about foraging courses by Nick, check out his website: or contact him on Thanks!

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