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Nature's Treasures: A Guided Tour at Monkton Nature Reserve

On Wednesday 26th July 2023, members of the Horticultural Society of Preston, Elmstone & Stourmouth, along with their welcome guests, were treated to an enriching guided tour of Monkton Nature Reserve.

Managed by The Thanet Countryside Trust, this special environment offers a unique habitat for British flora and fauna that thrive on chalk-based terrains.

Our tour guide, Dr. Clive Nuttman, an experienced Environmental Educator and biologist who has been managing the site for a long time, led us through the 16-acre reserve, sharing valuable insights about its significance in local nature and the efforts put forth for flora and fauna conservation.

During our stroll through this once abandoned abandoned chalk quarry now thriving valley, we were delighted to encounter several species of rare orchids, unusual wildflowers, wild herbs, and unusual insects, showcasing the Reserve's commitment to preserving important native ecosystems.

We learnt that the woodland areas, which have flourished over four decades, provide a safe haven for various bird species, creating a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.

One of the highlights of our tour was observing the serene ponds, teeming with wildlife and learning about the diverse aquatic creatures that live there.

Monkton Nature Reserve's mission of promoting conservation and education within the community shone through during the tour. Our experience left us with a deeper appreciation for the importance of preserving natural habitats and understanding their role in sustaining biodiversity.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Clive Nuttman and the team at Monkton Nature Reserve for their expertise and dedication in nurturing this valuable sanctuary.

The guided tour at Monkton Nature Reserve was an eye-opening experience that reminded us of the beauty and significance of our natural (and very local!) surroundings, motivating us to actively participate in its appreciation and continued protection. Thank you, Clive!

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